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NEFEA & Malley
Malley appoints NEFEA as exclusive dealer for CT & RI!
NEFEA wins FCAM Ambulance contract for Massachusetts; again!
FCAM - Aerials
NEFEA wins FCAM contract for Massachusetts; again!

Motor & Chassis service


Change engine oil
Change oil filters
Change fuel filters
Change water filter
Full Chassis Lube

Transmission oil level
Rear end oil level
Tire air pressure
Charging system
Steering and related components

*Oil and filters can be supplied by dept. or by NEFEA.

Oil and filters for;
Standard transmissions
M.T. 600 Series Auto transmissions
World Transmissions

Cab & Chassis

Review units history
Record RPM high & low
Ck operation of all lights
Ck dash & upholstery screws
Ck any wiring done by dept.
Manual shift boot
Radiator cap
Cab bushings & bolts
Alternator brackets & belts
All belts for cond. & adj.
Leads to starter & ground
Crossmember bolts
Drive shaft sliders
Breather caps
Engine & transmission mounts
Battery water level & clean terminals
Record clutch free travel
Ck gauges & interior lights
Ck operation of wipers
Ck windshield for cracks
Air pressure loss (brake pedal depressed)
Engine oil level before draining
Cab hold down latches
Exhaust system for leaks
Engine for oil leaks
Routing & cond. of hoses
Lube brake cams & adj.
U joints
Leaf springs & hangers
Wheelhubs for leaking
Tie rod ends, steering arm, shaft splines
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