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NEFEA & Malley
Malley appoints NEFEA as exclusive dealer for CT & RI!
NEFEA wins FCAM Ambulance contract for Massachusetts; again!
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NEFEA wins FCAM contract for Massachusetts; again!


Why Use SEF 94?

SEF 94 Small Engine Fuel is not simply street gas without ethanol – it’s specifically formulated for optimum performance and long-life durability of small engines. It provides easier, more dependable starts and worry-free long-term storage.   

 3 Ready-To-Use Versions:

      4 Cycle Unleaded Gasoline

2 Cycle Premixed with Oil (50:1)

2 Cycle Premixed with Oil (40:1)      

Each available in quart containers, 5-gl pails, 30-gl and 54-gl drums                       

       No measuring. No mixing. No mess. Just pour it in!

What SEF94 Does for Your Small Engine?

  • Burns cleaner

  • Runs smoother

  • Offers better throttle response

  • Does not attract moisture

  • Won't degrade or oxidize while in storage

  • Won't leave gummy deposits in your carburetor

  • Remains stable indefinitely in a sealed container

  • Protects your fuel system

  • Extends the life of your engine

  • Avoids costly rebuilds and down-time

  • Pre-Mix contains synthetic oil that exceeds API TC, JASO FD and

    ISO-L-EGD lubrication standards


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