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NEFEA & Malley
Malley appoints NEFEA as exclusive dealer for CT & RI!
NEFEA wins FCAM Ambulance contract for Massachusetts; again!
FCAM - Aerials
NEFEA wins FCAM contract for Massachusetts; again!


NEFEA offers loaners to departments anywhere in the USA!

If your apparatus is going to be out service for longer than 30 days; we have the a solution for your department.  There is no need to compromise public safety with a NEFEA loaner.  Furthermore, you can do major repairs you need to do on your existing fleet without downgrading your response assignment or waiting for mutual aid.
We have the following apparatus in stock and are ready to provide to your department upon request:


What do you need to get a NEFEA loaner?

  1. Sign Hold Harmless agreement (1 Page)
  2. Sign a loan agreement (1 Page)
  3. Provide proper insurance on vehicle.

1-2-3 It is that easy!

Other points of interest: 

  • Delivery & pickup of unit to your FD can be provided for an additional fee.
  • All pumps & aerials are certified.
  • If you like the unit. Yes, you can buy it!
  • NEFEA is responsible for all major repairs due to mechanical failure.  Customer is only responsible for operator error repairs or damage incurred to vehicle.
  • Training on unit is available for an additional fee.
  • Customer repairs all normal wearable items.





$ 3,000 to 7,500 per month.  Which is only $ 100-250 per day!

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