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FDNY awards Waterous Contract to NEFEA
NEFEA & Malley
Malley appoints NEFEA as exclusive dealer for CT & RI!
NEFEA wins FCAM Ambulance contract for Massachusetts; again!
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NEFEA wins FCAM contract for Massachusetts; again!

75' Aerial

75' Heavy Duty Aerial
75' Heavy Duty Aerial

The 75’ Heavy Duty Aerial is designed for use with both single and tandem axle configurations. The base Quint model meets all requirements of NFPA. The aerial is rated with a 500 lb tip load while flowing 1250 GPM at 0 degrees elevation 90 degrees perpendicular to the aerial device. This allows for NO restrictions in the operation of the aerial device.


Pump configurations available from 1250 GPM through 2250 GPM, utilizing Waterous, Hale and Darley pumps.


Tank configurations from 300-500 using UPF Poly tanks or CFP fiberglass tanks.


Hose bed configurations from: EHL (Ergonomic Hose Load), EZR (Above the right side compartments), EZ Load (Allows high side compartments both sides, with two hose beds) or Ahead of the turntable with hose chutes.


Standard Aerial Features:

  • 2:1 Structural Safety Factor’
  • 1.5:1 Safety Factor
  • Three (3) Days of Factory Authorized Training
  • 20 Year Structural Warranty
  • 10 Year Waterway and Seals Warranty
  • Glued and Clamped on Rung Covers
  • Bolt-On Egress
  • Rescue Eyelets at Tip
  • Dual Siamese Extension and Retraction Cylinders
  • Retraction Safety System
  • 32 Collector Rings
  • Rotation Interlock System
  • Body Anti-Collision System
  • Single Rear Set of Outriggers
  • Stabilizer Safety Pins
  • Hot Dip Galvanized outrigger beams
  • Composite Auxiliary Stabilizer Pads
  • EPU (Emergency Pump)
  • Two-Way Intercom System
  • Chrome Plated Steel Waterway
  • Base and Tip 12vdc Spotlights



Aerial Ladder options include, but are not limited to:


  • Front and Rear Outriggers
  • Blue Rung Lighting
  • Creeper Controls
  • Front Outriggers
  • Extended Penetration Jacks
  • 110 volt lighting
  • Breathing Air
  • Shiftable Waterway (Pinnable) Available in both manual and electric
  • Roof ladder mounting
  • Stokes basket mounting
  • Axes and Pike Pole mounting
  • Ladder signs