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Malley appoints NEFEA as exclusive dealer for CT & RI!
NEFEA wins FCAM Ambulance contract for Massachusetts; again!
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NEFEA wins FCAM contract for Massachusetts; again!

Ford A/C Lines

A/C Lines

Factory Bulletin ( TYPE II & TYPE III ) Ford Econoline Series Vehicles equipped with Ambulance Prep package Code 47A and Auxiliary Heater A/C Connector Package Code 57L.  It has been brought to NEFEA's attention that OEM A/C lines on some 2001 & 2002 Econoline series chassis have rubbed through causing leakage and loss of air conditioning. Known questionable areas are OEM lines at right angle turns below body cab and over frame just before the OEM connector valves. These OEM parts connect the Ford system to the ambulance conversion A/C components.  Effective with units produced after April 2002 (and until otherwise directed by Ford) A protective rubber covering on A/C lines in suspect areas may be required. This problem may effect one or all of the following Ford Part #’s : YC2Z.19835.BA / YC2Z.19867.BA / F4UZ.19A990.A . 2005 AEV UPDATE – Customers are reporting that Ford has modified some or all of these parts. Verify all necessary repair components with your Ford Dealer. Ford valve change may now also be necessary Part # YC2Z-19752-AA.